Technology Driven Logistics Services supports a loyal international client base delivering real, measurable results. We have strategic locations in USA, EMEA and Asia. We are ISO 9001 certified, ‘Great Place to Work’ certified and EcoVadis – ESG, Bronze Medal awarded. We are experts in:

•4PL Freight Management

•Construction Materials Logistics / FF&E – Global Transportation

•Outsourced Services

•PO Management Services

•Door-to-Door Transportation Services

15+ years of experience

in operational Control Tower Services

Fully controlled supply chain

reducing project lead time

Receive early warning

& exception management capabilities

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From Individual Silos to a

Single Network

•We have longstanding experience in operational Control Tower services, supporting many large international businesses on their logistics operations and freight management.

•Our Tract system platform connects customers, suppliers, carriers, and end receivers, enabling us to manage your orders and transportation with unparalleled levels of control, coordination and transparency.

•Tract provides all parties in the supply chain with end-to-end visibility for each purchase order and shipment, down to the item level.

Zooming in on Construction Materials Logistics

Caliber’s Control Tower staff are responsible for the construction materials / FF&E supply, monitoring every PO and communicating with our customers, their suppliers and the general contractors on planning, pick-ups and deliveries. We find the best transport rates, smart consolidation options, optimal routing and the right carriers and equipment.

Customer managed

Site selection / project design

Project materials specification / sourcing & procurement

Caliber managed
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Set up

  • Forecasting & planning
  • Master data
  • Article code creation
  • Determine optimal production runs
  • (maintenance) item inventory
  • Site tracking report

PO Management

  • Upload design drawing
  • Creating PO’s / demand planning
  • Electronic PO confirmation
  • Sending PO’s to suppliers
  • Managing backorders

Supplier management

  • Managing data ready date
  • International shipping docs
  • Issue management (damage, lost, incomplete)
  • Monitoring quality

Inbound logistics

  • Freight consolidation
  • Customs clearance
  • Independant selecting of modality
  • Track & trace

Warehouse management

  • Cross dock
  • Pop-up warehousing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Value added services (light assembly)

Last mile

  • Packing & crating
  • (white glove) delivery
  • Soft installation
  • GC scheduled JIT delivery
  • POD (GEO stamped)
  • Reporting

Customer managed

Construction management / Project construction

Project opening

We Deliver Measurable Results

Reduced Project Costs  


  • Eliminating supplier and or GC managed freight
  • Consolidating shipments
  • Sourcing freight against competitive rates from an extensive carrier network
  • Fewer issues, mistakes, reordering, delays, damage, etc
  • Less time spent checking, chasing, changing and coordinating deliveries
Reduced Project Lead Time 


  • Increased trust in supply reducing GC ‘buffer days’ in construction schedule
  • Upfront visibility for GC on delivery date/time to job site
  • Upfront visibility on backorders
  • No delays at customs for import/export with standardized shipping paperwork
Increased Visibility & Control


  • Real-time track & trace on pallet and item level
  • System reports exceptions for pro-active follow up
  • GCs can place orders for next day ‘final-mile’ delivery from our DC’s
  • PO status reports per project
  • Caliber App with QR code scanning capability for Supplier, Driver, DC, General Contractor
Continuous Performance Improvement


  • Automated issue registration and reporting
  • Supplier performance measuring and reporting
  • Detailed monthly KPI reports (e.g. logistics costs per sq. ft, OTIF, issues, etc.)
  • Benchmarking results (performance compared to rest of Caliber system)

increase in shipment consolidation


reduction in total shipment costs


increase in on-time in-full deliveries


improvement in supplier performance


less POs with issues

**Actual results after first 12 months following implementation for large F&B customer

Your Trusted Logistics Partner

No matter the size, location or timeline of your project we have the people, processes, technology and network to make the materials supply to your projects easier, better and more efficient.

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